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October/November 2021 Issue

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MacCauley Suffolks - At MacCauley Suffolks, November brings the end of the breeding season, preparations for NAILE and anticipation for the upcoming lambing season. With the goals of performance in the show ring and production in the barn, the MacCauley flock strives to produce “Functional Suffolks with Style.” The entire program emphasizes structural soundness, easy fleshing on grass, superior maternal instincts, male fertility and breed character. As the industry continues to change and the demand for more functional, performance-oriented sheep increases, the MacCauleys look forward to the challenge of meeting that demand with sheep that can perform in all arenas.

The service sires for the fall breeding season were selected for their overall performance, structural correctness and three-dimensional design - natural thickness, length of body and depth of rib. They include MacCauley 3356, 3708, 3830, 3836, 3878, 4181, and 4350.

The MacCauley team would like to extend a big thank you to all our customers, both loyal and new! Your successes and faith in our breeding program mean the world to us!

The MacCauley flock consists of over 400 brood ewes owned by Bill, Betsy, Chris and Kyle MacCauley all under the expert care of Evan Snyder, Farm Manager. It is truly a family business born out of a lifelong passion and a hobby gone wild.

To see MacCauley Suffolks in action, stop by their pens at Louisville, or better yet, plan a trip to the farm in Atglen, PA. Or, at the very least, visit the website www.maccauleysheep.com.

Jay Harris - New Suffolk Venturer
Rachael Gately and Crew - Laproscopic Pregnancy Detectors
John and Lisa Peck - Wedding Pitcrew
MacCauley Suffolks
4333 Steelville Road • Atglen, PA 19310
610/593-2907 • maccauley@epix.net

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